ELECTRONIC DIRECT has been successfully pioneering inspection services in the fight against fraudulent components and manipulated goods. We have learned that simply testing basic functions of a given component very seldom determines the originality of a part. Our inspection department consists of checking the quality of the goods by digital microscopy, x-ray and decapsulation. With this optical inspection, we are able to reduce the risk in procuring fraudulent or malfunctioning electronic components.
Following our motto when it comes to the testing of components: "As little as necessary and as much is required to reach a conclusion", we use the necessary levels of inspection on the component in agreement with our customers.

Digital microscopy
Study the surface for signs of manipulation such as; grinding marks, remarking, traces of use, scratches, blacktopping etc.

Review of dies, lead-frames, bondings etc.

Using electronic microscopy, we are able to take photographs of the manufacturer´s markings directly from the die.